After the death of my 23 year old granddaughter, Lindsey (photograph is of Lindsey), I needed something to keep me busy and fill the emptiness left by her untimely passing. I began to design & customize handbags in her honor.

I have been creating these unique designer handbags and totes for 7 years. I was approached by a deputy sheriff who carrys her service weapon off duty and she asked if I could design a purse or tote with a hidden pocket for concealed carry. I now make all of my handbags and totes with a pocket suitable for concealed carry or small tablet. Custom holsters will be added to fit your particular handgun. This concealed pocket is only accessible from the side of the purse so there are no problems of unintentional access from inside the purse and tablets are protected from keys or other items that might scratch the screen.

These are all shoulder bags and come in a large variety of fabrics and colors! Quilted, canvas, faux leather look... get one for every season! The totes are perfect for travel and Lindsey Handbags totes are ideal to carry on your personal items including tablets and small laptops or notebook computers.

Come on in and find the perfect handbag or tote for you!

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